New Year….New resolutions…..AGAIN!!

Now, this is my 22nd year alive… 22nd New Year….and I am proud to say that never once have I kept up a resolution :D . Ok…here are my resolution for this year…. First of all  I have decided to become more active online….so posts…here I come..(I hope so..)…….Now, that resolution is yet to be seen… Somehow I managed to break all the other resolutions on the first day itself :D .One was to wake up early…to cut off sleepin time…Well, didnt work out as expected..Might take some time to get used to. Another was to utilise whatever time i have to do something productive….Well i havent done anything productive yet today…..

This year i have decided to explore more of my creative side. Hope that comes out well. Had to put on hold many things due to my studies, and this year i have decided to take things into my own hands. No more studying for anyone else. I am gonna do what i like, what interests me. People become successful only when they do what they like. Its not success if you are not happy. So, this year lets hope things will be different for me, without me being different. Guess one thing i should take care of is that i should spend more time for myself, then the other things will come my way. Hope everything will work out fine and i can face my laziness :D . Its a long year ahead, and i wish myself and everyone else a Happy New Year…!!!!