LifeRules #1: Live and Let Live

Everyone lives by their own rules. Me too, except i was and am forced to bend the rules in many cases. Being the inconsistent person that i am, i dont let rules bind me and i try not to judge people by my rules. But, there are certain principles that i like, and if followed by everyone would help make the world a better place. Now, these are not rules that i necessary follow, but i try too, and i would like to speak about some of them. So, here starts the LifeRules series.

“Live and Let Live”
Now, this is my favorite rule, and one rule that i certainly most wholeheartdly follow. This is one quality that most people, especially (cos i know) Keralites dont possess. If put in other words it is “Mind your own business!!” . Keralites are people more concerned about others affairs more than their own. If you fall into a pit, take the rest of them with you, thats the policy. People dont seem to like others getting good. Instead of feeling happy for them, you just try to find out a way to destroy them!! Thats the truth and i know, it sucks !!. In my case, my mom always reminds me of one time, when i actually congratulated my competitor when he won the competition. That was usual then. I dont know if i am the same person anymore, but one thing i am sure is that it should be the spirit. Thats sportsmanship, and that does not apply to sports alone, and i am definitely proud that i once, and who knows maybe still do possess that quality!