Not again……!!! Thats it…

Yes, its official. I have completely lost my trust in PCs. This is the third time that my PCs given up on me. First it was my data, then my motherboard, HDD, and whatever was connected, with no particular reason. They just went down. This is the third time that i am losing all my data, this time, it was a collection of 8 years. Foolish me, didnt make any backups. Luckily got replacements for everything, but WHO WILL GIVE ME BACK MY DATA????

On top of that just when i was getting used to the new system, now its the graphics card that gave up on me. Now, i am sitting here, with one monitor instead of two with all sorts of grains on it. Its now that i learn that the PC can give finny responses, when the graphics card is switched. A few more trips to the dealer, and got that fixed. So, i m stuck with one monitor, until my replacement arrives. Thinking of selling all this setup and getting a laptop, that might work out, OR not!!….My advice, never trust all that crap fancy stuff in the market. My old PC stayed with me with no trouble for almost 10 years. Now, in one year, this systems gone. Oh PC….you have definitely lost my trust.!!!!

New Year….New resolutions…..AGAIN!!

Now, this is my 22nd year alive… 22nd New Year….and I am proud to say that never once have I kept up a resolution :D . Ok…here are my resolution for this year…. First of allĀ  I have decided to become more active online….so posts…here I come..(I hope so..)…….Now, that resolution is yet to be seen… Somehow I managed to break all the other resolutions on the first day itself :D .One was to wake up early…to cut off sleepin time…Well, didnt work out as expected..Might take some time to get used to. Another was to utilise whatever time i have to do something productive….Well i havent done anything productive yet today…..

This year i have decided to explore more of my creative side. Hope that comes out well. Had to put on hold many things due to my studies, and this year i have decided to take things into my own hands. No more studying for anyone else. I am gonna do what i like, what interests me. People become successful only when they do what they like. Its not success if you are not happy. So, this year lets hope things will be different for me, without me being different. Guess one thing i should take care of is that i should spend more time for myself, then the other things will come my way. Hope everything will work out fine and i can face my laziness :D . Its a long year ahead, and i wish myself and everyone else a Happy New Year…!!!!


‘Hi World!!!’. ……funny thing…this might be the tenth time i have written this for a blog :D . After many, actually too many attempts at blogging, I am back….again :D . ..So, you might be wondering…Why Jigsaw? ..Well, thats what I chose to name my blog. One funny thing about life is that it can be compared to all kinds of crap. You might say that its hard to define life. I say, it might be the simplest thing to describe. When someone asks you to define life, just look at the nearest object and start describing. Thats the wonder or Life. Life can be compared to anything from an elephant to a banana. For example, life is big like an elephant, or, life is like a banana- peel the layers and find sweetness inside. See… I decided to compare life to a Jigsaw. As my title says, life is a collection of meaningless pieces, but eventually you find out the meaning of each piece. You just have to wait for it and join the pieces at the right place. So, thats it….thats jigsaw for me…and thats life for me….