‘Hi World!!!’. ……funny thing…this might be the tenth time i have written this for a blog :D . After many, actually too many attempts at blogging, I am back….again :D . ..So, you might be wondering…Why Jigsaw? ..Well, thats what I chose to name my blog. One funny thing about life is that it can be compared to all kinds of crap. You might say that its hard to define life. I say, it might be the simplest thing to describe. When someone asks you to define life, just look at the nearest object and start describing. Thats the wonder or Life. Life can be compared to anything from an elephant to a banana. For example, life is big like an elephant, or, life is like a banana- peel the layers and find sweetness inside. See… I decided to compare life to a Jigsaw. As my title says, life is a collection of meaningless pieces, but eventually you find out the meaning of each piece. You just have to wait for it and join the pieces at the right place. So, thats it….thats jigsaw for me…and thats life for me….