LifeRules #2: Think before you act

Now, this is one rule that i definitely lack. But sometimes, I think its boon as in most cases i was saved by not thinking before making decisions. In fact in my case, not thinking before you act is what seemed to work out. But as a general rule, everyone should take a second to think before they do something. In many cases I have regreted not thinking before i did something. Those things could turned much better if i took a second to think. One thing i do most of the time is imagine how something would turn up. It may be turn up to be the same, or completely different, but its always good to be prepared. One second can save you a lot of effort and me…

LifeRules #1: Live and Let Live

Everyone lives by their own rules. Me too, except i was and am forced to bend the rules in many cases. Being the inconsistent person that i am, i dont let rules bind me and i try not to judge people by my rules. But, there are certain principles that i like, and if followed by everyone would help make the world a better place. Now, these are not rules that i necessary follow, but i try too, and i would like to speak about some of them. So, here starts the LifeRules series.

“Live and Let Live”
Now, this is my favorite rule, and one rule that i certainly most wholeheartdly follow. This is one quality that most people, especially (cos i know) Keralites dont possess. If put in other words it is “Mind your own business!!” . Keralites are people more concerned about others affairs more than their own. If you fall into a pit, take the rest of them with you, thats the policy. People dont seem to like others getting good. Instead of feeling happy for them, you just try to find out a way to destroy them!! Thats the truth and i know, it sucks !!. In my case, my mom always reminds me of one time, when i actually congratulated my competitor when he won the competition. That was usual then. I dont know if i am the same person anymore, but one thing i am sure is that it should be the spirit. Thats sportsmanship, and that does not apply to sports alone, and i am definitely proud that i once, and who knows maybe still do possess that quality!

Not again……!!! Thats it…

Yes, its official. I have completely lost my trust in PCs. This is the third time that my PCs given up on me. First it was my data, then my motherboard, HDD, and whatever was connected, with no particular reason. They just went down. This is the third time that i am losing all my data, this time, it was a collection of 8 years. Foolish me, didnt make any backups. Luckily got replacements for everything, but WHO WILL GIVE ME BACK MY DATA????

On top of that just when i was getting used to the new system, now its the graphics card that gave up on me. Now, i am sitting here, with one monitor instead of two with all sorts of grains on it. Its now that i learn that the PC can give finny responses, when the graphics card is switched. A few more trips to the dealer, and got that fixed. So, i m stuck with one monitor, until my replacement arrives. Thinking of selling all this setup and getting a laptop, that might work out, OR not!!….My advice, never trust all that crap fancy stuff in the market. My old PC stayed with me with no trouble for almost 10 years. Now, in one year, this systems gone. Oh PC….you have definitely lost my trust.!!!!

New Year….New resolutions…..AGAIN!!

Now, this is my 22nd year alive… 22nd New Year….and I am proud to say that never once have I kept up a resolution :D . Ok…here are my resolution for this year…. First of all  I have decided to become more active online….so posts…here I come..(I hope so..)…….Now, that resolution is yet to be seen… Somehow I managed to break all the other resolutions on the first day itself :D .One was to wake up early…to cut off sleepin time…Well, didnt work out as expected..Might take some time to get used to. Another was to utilise whatever time i have to do something productive….Well i havent done anything productive yet today…..

This year i have decided to explore more of my creative side. Hope that comes out well. Had to put on hold many things due to my studies, and this year i have decided to take things into my own hands. No more studying for anyone else. I am gonna do what i like, what interests me. People become successful only when they do what they like. Its not success if you are not happy. So, this year lets hope things will be different for me, without me being different. Guess one thing i should take care of is that i should spend more time for myself, then the other things will come my way. Hope everything will work out fine and i can face my laziness :D . Its a long year ahead, and i wish myself and everyone else a Happy New Year…!!!!